The new eco-alert system, part of the Eco-eclipse range from Energy & Environmental Systems Limited (E&ES) provides users with instant warnings about faults in their heating systems, which has the potential to avert crisis thus saving time and money.

This system gives clients remote access from a computer located anywhere with a GSM signal. Graphics and data show how a heating system is working.  It sends, by text or email,   instant fault warnings flagging issues such as boiler/pump failure; temperature variations; water temperatures for legionella prevention; and unauthorised tampering with the system.

Fault reports are flexible and fully configurable. They can be tailored to meet a particular users needs. Remote management and fault alerts have proved to be invaluable to those responsible for managing heating systems. They enable executives to concentrate upon urgent problems.

The eco-alerts range is an integral part of the eco-eclipse advanced heating management and control system which specialises in water-based heating using oil, gas or LPG.

The eco-eclipse and its eco-alerts and remote management system are fully integrated, and are designed to help ensure that heating systems continue to work economically and as near to optimum efficiency as is possible. The Remote Management System enables the company to provide users with instant advice on individual heating problems so that they can be resolved quickly.

The company advises that, it is possible to save up to 25 percent or more on energy bills without loss of comfort or mechanical integrity – and with a fast payback using these systems.

Energy & Environmental Systems Limited (E&ES)