At a time when companies are nervous about investing in new technology, Sabien Technology has stressed that reassuring service is a key element in promoting energy efficient technologies.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Sabien CEO Alan O’Brien observed, “The British market is very conservative. Some businesses have been badly burnt by taking on new technology that hasn’t worked, so engineers will only work with us if they are completely convinced.”

Having installed over 5,000 of its M2G boiler optimisation controls, Sabien a great deal of experience in retro-fitting energy saving technologies and has recognised that good service is key to successful customer experience and a successful project.

“Having a proven technology is only half the story, it’s vital that the product is installed correctly, with minimum disruption to the customer and must not conflict with the existing building controls – otherwise the full benefits will not be realised,’ O’Brien continued.

Organisations already saving energy with M2G include Lloyds Banking, MOD, Royal Mail, British Telecom, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Aviva, Standard Life, Hampshire Council, Greenwich Council, DEFRA, DECC and Marriott Hotels.