Heating and hot water specialist, Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating, has extended its range of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) modules with the addition of two new variants with electrical outputs of 365kWe and 400kWe.

The company’s CE 365 NA and 400 NA, which is an extension to the current 19kWe to 240kWe range, each features good electrical efficiency levels, helping to significantly reduce energy consumption. Such high levels of efficiency mean that an initial investment could be repaid in as little as two years. In addition, each new module is compatible with primary and secondary exhaust gas silencers to keep noise levels to a minimum during operation.

As with the company’s existing range, each CHP module provides the simultaneous generation of electricity and usable heat from the same appliance, which maximises efficiency and provides a low-cost supply of heating, hot water and electricity. In addition, CO2 and NOx emissions are significantly reduced as less gas is required to generate the same thermal and electrical output as a conventional utility and boiler solution.

Both CHP units have a number of different operation modes and open interfaces and, when combined with other heat sources in an energy centre, are supported by intelligent controls to ensure that mixed heat sources are optimised for maximum energy efficiency.

The company offers a free CHP feasibility study for any potential site to ensure the system is precisely sized and maximum efficiency is achieved.

In addition, Bosch can also offer a CIBSE approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) CHP training course. Aimed at consultants, contractors and specifiers, the training course covers a multitude of topics including the principles of CHP, sizing, typical applications, potential CO2 savings, legislative incentives, installation requirements, service and maintenance and many more.

For further information on Bosch Commercial and Industrial Heating’s CHP range, or to book a free feasibility study or training course, call 0330 123 3004 or visit www.bosch-industrial.co.uk.