UK based voltage optimisation manufacturer, VO4 is to roll out its 3 Phase voltage optimisation system across a number of Co-Operative stores in the UK.

The company’s VO4 3 phase systems were initially installed in six Co-Operative stores in Portsmouth and Southampton. Following successful trials that resulted in delivering significant energy savings, a further 22 have now been installed in Plymouth.

The Co-Operative, favours an ethical approach to business and advises it has already achieved significant energy savings in a number of larger stores where voltage optimisation had been installed. The company was keen to make even greater savings by installing the new VO4 solution in smaller convenience stores.

Geoff Clifton Business Development Manager at VO4 said:

We developed the 3 phase system as a means of helping businesses with energy costs less than £50,000 to save money on their electricity bills and reduce CO2 emissions. We are delighted to be working with the Co-Operative, to supply them with our 3 phase solution.”

Rob Scoulding, Co-Operative Regional Energy and Environmental Manager said: “We are committed to embracing energy efficiency as part of our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. We have seen very useful reductions in our electricity use at the large supermarkets in our group through the adoption of voltage optimisation and when we became aware of the small VO4 offering it became clear that, with the huge numbers of smaller stores in our portfolio a device such as this could make a great contribution towards our targets.”

 Traditionally, commercial voltage optimisation systems have not been suitable for smaller businesses and sites, whilst domestic systems do not have capacity for the amount of electrical equipment often used in small businesses. With the introduction of the 3 phase system, VO4 are now able to support small to medium sized organisations reduce their energy bills as well as their carbon footprint.

The company claims the innovative system will help businesses achieve energy savings of up to 10 percent. VO4 will also go some way to helping companies reduce their carbon emissions and extend the lifespan of electrical equipment as it improves power quality by balancing phase voltages and attenuating transients from the supply. 

Most modern electronic equipment systems are much less tolerant of transient voltages than the robust circuits developed decades ago and appliances may be damaged or fail prematurely if they are not protected from harmful voltage changes and related disturbances.