A new 5MWp solar installation situated in the New Forest has recently been switched on. The installation includes almost 18,000 solar panels, mounted on nine kilometres of frames and using 5,000 groundscrews, and spans over 30 acres within the Cadland Estate.

“With this groundbreaking project we are creating a viable model for sustainable farming, which is vital for the very future of the industry,” commented Adrian Pike, CEO of Anesco (pictured), who designed and managed the project.

He continued, “We always viewed the government cuts to the solar tariffs as the right thing to do for the sustainable future of the dollar industry. Solar, along with the other technologies we deploy, are all key to creating a sustainable and mixed generation capacity for the UK, which is vital as we tackle the need to reduce carbon emissions.”

The new solar installation has resulted in the creation of a solar scheme that is capable of generating enough electricity to power 1,000 homes and a model for sustainable farming that uses a blend of energy efficiency measures.

Pike continued, “Germany has already proven that a generation mix can work and we are now setting a precedent for other operators and landowners who may be considering investing in more sustainable ways of working.

“The site at Cadland blends different energy efficiency technologies together to bring the greatest benefit. It is not only helping to reduce emissions but is generating green energy, while creating jobs and long term revenue streams.”

Energy generated by the solar PV system is being fed back into the national grid under the government’s Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) scheme, which makes payments for energy produced through renewable sources.

Owner of the Cadland Estate, Aldred Drummond, who commissioned the build said, “Through this project we are creating a road map for sustainable farming and demonstrating how the industry can effectively use a combination of innovative technologies and new ways of working.

“Despite extremely challenging weather conditions the project was completed by Anesco safely, efficiently and in record time.”

The Cadland Solar Farm project has been designed and managed by energy efficiency solutions company, Anesco, working with supply partner, Trina Solar, and groundscrew installer JPCS. It has been backed by SSE, a UK-based generator of renewable energy.