Business electricity supplier, Haven Power’s Levy Exempt Power offering has been given a boost following the decision by government on future support levels for electricity generated from biomass.

The long awaited announcement by secretary of state Ed Davey on the Renewables Obligation banding levels confirmed that 1.0ROC/MWh will be awarded for generating units that are fully converted to burn biomass from April 2013.

Following an intensive research and development programme on biomass generation, this is the backing that Haven’s parent company, Drax, has been waiting for. Thanks to this announcement, and confirmation that Drax plans to fully convert three of its six generating units to burn biomass, Haven Power can be confident in their commitment to supply much higher levels of power from 100% renewable sources to business customers and contribute to the UK’s climate change targets.

Chief executive of Haven Power, Peter Bennell, commented, “This announcement is a huge step forward in Drax’s plans to become a predominantly biomass fuelled generator. Drax has worked tirelessly on its biomass burning capability and we have always supported their vision and dedication.

“As more and more businesses look to become more sustainable, an increasing amount of our customers are taking up our Levy Exempt Power option so we’re pleased to be able to continue to offer them a secure supply of renewable energy now and in the future.”

Chief executive of Drax, Dorothy Thompson, added, “As a result of our excellent technical progress and the government’s conclusions on support levels, we are confident that we can transform Drax into a predominantly biomass fuelled generator. Initially we expect to convert three of our six generating units. This transformation will secure a significant number of jobs, not just at Drax but also in the sustainable biomass supply chain.”