As Government unveils eight major new renewables projects, representing a staggering £12b of investment by 2020, market confidence is high as big brands from across the energy market invest in the Ecobuild event for the sustainable design, construction and energy sector.

Describing the new contracts as “a new stage in Britain’s green energy investment boom”, supporting 8,500 jobs, Energy secretary Ed Davey said they could add a further 4.5GW of low-carbon electricity to Britain’s energy mix (or around 4% of capacity), generating enough clean electricity to power over three million homes.

Further echoing industry positivity surrounding the government’s recent domestic RHI tariffs and Green Deal investment, Ecobuild has signed up companies that include Viessmann, Innasol, Sharp Electronics, Pegler Yorkshire and Wilo amongst others for the 2015 event.

Darren McMahon, marketing director at Viessmann said: “Ecobuild is relevant for everything Viessmann has to offer – it provides a platform to present anything from… our fuel cell micro combined heat and power (mCHP) Vitovalor 300-P product, to futuristic power generation concepts, such as our power-to-gas initiative, while also encompassing heating installer focused developments like our Vitoflow hydraulic balancing kit for heating systems. This breadth of interests means it’s a dynamic and productive event to which we are looking forward to returning in 2015.”

As Minister for Energy Greg Barker has recently said about the domestic RHI, “It opens up a market for the supply chain, engineers and installers – generating growth and supporting jobs as part of our long-term economic plan.”

Silvio Spiess, chief executive officer for Innasol said: “We regard Ecobuild as a great place to meet our existing professional installation partners as well as many potentially new ones. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will help to create even more awareness for this market this year and a massive growth can be expected. Innasol will exhibit at Ecobuild 2015 again as this is the best B2B show in the country.”

Ecobuild 2014 saw the government’s launch of both the £19 million boost for the Green Deal and consultation on the future of the Energy Company Obligation.

Phill Jackson marketing and business development director of Pegler Yorkshire said: “Ecobuild has proved itself over the years to be a fantastic exhibition for us.  Its visitor demographics are perfect for our product and system lead marketing activities and this year we were delighted to have been presented with an ideal platform to launch our Connect and Control philosophies which address key issues being highlighted by the Government in relation to the Green Deal and recent Domestic Renewable Heating Incentives. If Ecobuild continues to attract the high level of visitors and other exhibitors we have come to expect, I will anticipate 2015 to be one of the best and most informative shows our industry has seen.”

Alison Jackson, group director of sustainability & construction, Ecobuild said: “Government’s £12billion of private sector investment by 2020 announced today, combined with the launch of the hotly anticipated domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, brings fresh and exciting opportunities to the energy market. We are excited by the energy industry’s response to Ecobuild 2015 and will inject significant investment to ensure it is our most comprehensive energy offering ever.”