Government has announced today (25th July) that subsidies for onshore wind turbines will fall by ten percent – and not the 25% cut favoured by the Treasury.

In response to this, Friends of the Earth’s head of campaigns, Andrew Pendleton commented, “Ed Davey has won the battle over wind subsidies – but at what price?

“Treasury arm twisting has forced him to give his backing to new gas fired power stations – which is completely at odds with his fuzzy rhetoric on clean British energy.

“The Government’s climate advisors warn that UK climate targets won’t be met unless our electricity system is almost entirely decarbonised by 2030 – Ed Davey must insist that this target is included in the Energy Bill when it enters parliament later this year.

“George Osborne’s plans for more gas fired power stations would be a costly disaster for households, businesses and the environment – it’s time for David Cameron, the self styled leader of the greenest government ever, to intervene.”