Technology from Priva Building Intelligence has played the lead role in a fully-functioning interactive energy learning and awareness experience at a new education facility in north London. An innovative front end display and bespoke software mean students can discover more about energy use and the benefits of energy reduction initiatives in an enjoyable and creative way.

The new facility is anticipating a 60 per cent reduction in CO2 using the School Carbon Calculator defined by the Department for Education. What’s more, energy savings are projected of 10 per cent per pupil, per square metre.

Commissioned by Haringey Council, the Broadwater Farm Inclusive Learning Campus (ILC) in Tottenham is a ‘first-of-its-kind’ £18 million development comprising a 5,925m2 complex over two storeys. In total, the two schools here will accommodate 420 mainstream children and a further 100 with special educational needs and backgrounds.

Constructed to a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating, the Broadwater Farm ILC is cited as a beacon of environmental sustainability. Innovative design ensures energy use is minimised by incorporating automatic switch-off of all devices within the software. There are also dedicated M-Bus meters to help improve the visibility and control of energy used. These factors combine with best practice at the school, as supported by the interactive energy learning.

The Broadwater Farm ILC provides the opportunity to create new opportunities for young people creating an aspirational environment where every child’s needs are met.