Foil heaters providing immediate heat transfer to the precise locations required have been introduced by DeltaSense. Manufactured by Calesco, the flexible heaters consist of an electrical heating circuit sandwiched between one or more insulation layers.

The thin elements are quick to heat up and have a very wide range of applications, with operating voltages varying between 1 V and 700 V AC/DC and temperatures up to 600degC. They can be supplied in customised shapes and sizes to suit the precise application, and can even have multiple voltages and temperature zones on the same element.

“These foil heaters can be produced to exact customer specifications and are so versatile that their range of applications is almost unlimited,” said David Hardy, managing director at DeltaSense.

The circuit material can be a resistance heating alloy such as copper, brass or aluminium, or it can be carbon or silver based. Insulation layer materials include PVC, polyester, silicone rubber and mica.

Elements can be designed with a varying output to compensate for heat loss at the edges, and temperature sensors can be added in any location on the same level as the heating circuit.

Among their main applications are radiators and floor heating, demisters, catering equipment, medical equipment, aerospace, packaging machinery and horticulture.