Spirax Sarco has recently launched Spirax Rental to help steam users to quickly make the energy saving investments they need to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Capital budgets are being squeezed across the board, making it difficult for many steam system operators to invest upfront in projects that could otherwise be saving them money. Spirax Sarco now offers rental options to help operators carry out projects sooner and immediately reap the benefits of eliminating wasted energy. The resulting savings effectively make many projects self funding.

“Many organisations are wasting money operating and maintaining ageing, energy inefficient plant and equipment,” said Steve McKie, national specialist sustainability, Spirax Sarco. “That’s real money already being spent every month. That makes no sense when the money could be used to reduce energy consumption by installing Spirax Sarco products that will deliver energy savings and reduce maintenance costs.”

Depending on the scope of the project, monthly payments under the new scheme can be used to cover the cost of design, new equipment, installation and removal of old equipment.

Steam users can choose several options at the end of their rental agreement. For example, private companies may opt to pay a peppercorn rent to continue using the equipment, or they may choose to purchase the equipment outright for just one percent of the original cost. Public sector users have the added option of reducing their monthly payments by agreeing a particular residual value for the project, in which case, extension payments will reflect that residual value.