Edbro, a manufacturer of hydraulic tipping cylinders, has announced that all of its hydraulic kits are now bio-oil compatible.

Traditionally hydraulic tippers have required non-renewable mineral oil to provide the pressure that operates the linear movement of the cylinders. As we all know not only is the extraction and processing of oil extremely harmful to the environment, but supplies are running out which is driving up costs. A tipping vehicle that is used frequently throughout the day will need regular oil changes which is costly both in terms of new oil and disposal of the used product.

Aware of the growing pressures on fleet managers and owners to develop environmentally aware operation strategies, Edbro has ensured that all the hydraulic kits it produces can be operated equally well on bio-oils. Made from vegetable oils and animal fats, the use of bio-oils as a sustainable alternative to oil extracted from the ground is growing in popularity across the world.

As the popularity of bio-oil increases and production levels continue to rise, the costs are expected to continue to fall – this is in stark contrast to mineral oil which is only expected to rise. Not only are bio-oils likely to become cheaper to source than traditional oils, they are safer to handle and transport as they are ten times less toxic than table salt – also when it becomes necessary to change the oil it can be easily disposed of as it is as biodegradable as sugar.

Peter Smith, Edbro sales director, commented, “We understand the pressure on businesses of all sizes to improve environmental awareness.

“It’s for this reason that we have always worked hard to ensure our cylinders are the lightest and quickest on the market. And it is for this reason that our hydraulic kits have now been developed to be bio-oil compatible.”