Leading polymer specialist, igus UK, will be showcasing its new high performance tribo-polymer bearings, energy chains and cables at The Machine Building Show, on stand G11.  Visitors to the stand will be able to see live demonstrations of its industry-leading maintenance-free bearings as well as its energy chains and chainflex continuous-flex cables, which are cost-effective and reliable solutions for machine builders.  Visitors will also have the opportunity of meeting the polymer experts to learn how to optimise processes and reduce costs through innovative use of plastic components.
Two of the new products on display will be the WJRM double hybrid bearing and the R4.31 energy chain.  igus’ drylin high-performance polymer bearings are lubricant and maintenance-free over their entire lifetime. The bearings give excellent friction and wear values and are resistant to dirt, water, chemicals and extreme temperature, making them the perfect choice for machine builders.

The WJRM hybrid bearing offers a combination of roller and plain bearings, and is suitable for use on sliding machine tool doors, machine guards and control panels. By using the WJRM bearing, doors glide simply with minimum force required thanks to the maintenance-free roller.  The product’s smooth running design consists of sliding pads made from the proven iglidur J plastic bearing material, which absorb all shear and misuse forces, with the rail made from hard anodised aluminium, thus providing excellent operation on machines.
In industries such as automation and materials handling, linear bearings that are exposed to swarf, debris and chips can become jammed and at worst lead to production line failure.  igus has an extensive range of robust linear guide systems that are chip and debris resistant, maintenance free and 100% lubrication free, and that provide an extremely cost effective solution compared to metal alternatives.
In addition, igus will be showing its range of energy chains, which are made from high performance plastics – they are tough, resistant to corrosion and impact offering high UV, temperature and precipitation stability, over extremely long working lives, making them a cost-effective choice.  The R4L light enclosed energy chains also provide maximum protection against debris and chips accumulation and operate smoothly, and as such are particularly well-suited to housing cables found in machines.  They can be delivered directly to the machine as ready-to-fit units, known as readychains, assembled to size and fitted with cables and hoses, suitable connectors and even including a guide rail, which enables users to reduce assembly times and storage costs.
Another highlight on igus’ stand is the CFRIP cable, an intelligent solution to strip back long lengths of cable both quickly and easily. With just a few steps, the outer jacket of a CFRIP cable can be opened like a zipper to the desired length by simply pulling the special tear strip. Machine builders and electrical engineers can save 50% of the cable stripping time typically required using conventional methods, but also avoid the need for additional cable stripping tools.
igus has been developing its cables for over 20 years and its chainflex cables have been designed with demanding moving automation applications in mind, giving reliable performance with high cycle rates, compact design spaces, and very small bending radii of up to four times the outer cable diameter.