Baxi Commercial has launched its new Paramount three range of high efficiency condensing boilers, using the very latest in heating technology.
The range is suitable for a variety of applications and comes in six different outputs, including 30kW, 40kW, 60kW, 80kW, 95kW and 115kW, with new cascade options up to 460kW. All products also come with a five year warranty.
The boilers include an ultra-reliable heat exchanger with combustion system, which delivers exceptional energy efficiency, as well as an advanced ultra-low NOx performance, contributing towards specifications that exceed Part L2 requirements.
Products also feature a newly developed user friendly control panel, ISR Plus, which offers full text display of operation status with inbuilt weather compensation, summer/winter changeover and time control facilities for heating circuits and domestic hot water. These controls can be used with compatible room thermostats or can be fully integrated with Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS).
The outside sensor, which is supplied as standard, allows the heating flow temperature to dictate the heating demand of the building. This enables the overriding RGB room controller to shut down the boilers if the building meets the set-point temperature, ensuring temperature remains at an optimum level. The controller also provides frost protection, optimum start/stop and night setback for heating and domestic hot water.
With the ability to be wall hung or frame-mounted, the Paramount Three boilers are compact in footprint and easy to install. The frames can be assembled in confined spaces, removing many of the access issues faced with a like-for-like replacement option.
Furthermore, all components that require maintenance such as the burner, are easily accessible from the front with optimised burning and suction silencers contributing to a quiet operation.
Boilers from the range can also be situated in a modular arrangement, which allows optimum system performance, regardless of variable demand brought on by influencing factors such as time of day, type of occupancy and external weather conditions.
Sean Green, senior product manager at Baxi Commercial, commented: “We’re pleased to bring our new Paramount three range to the market, as we extend our product portfolio with a flexible but efficient heating solution. With the latest technology incorporated, our boilers have a user friendly interface, whilst not compromising on quality and performance. Building on this, all of our products are tested rigorously and as such, we are proud to offer a five year warranty, representing our confidence in each and every product.”