Visitors to the Intersolar Europe event taking place at the Munich Trade Fair Centre on 13th-15th June, will have an opportunity to find out about the package for the safe operation of residential and commercial photovoltaic (PV) installations that is available from Eaton Electrical Sector.

The full scope of Eaton’s PV products will be showcased on the company’s stand (Stand C3.143, Hall C), such as its power inverters and its DC switch disconnector range which includes the company’s fireman’s switch. Experts from Eaton will also be on hand to talk to visitors about how the solutions it offers can meet their specific application needs.

In the event of a fire, rescue personnel can be at risk of electric shocks due to damaged cable insulation. Even in reduced daylight, the cables between PV modules and the power inverter are energised with voltages of up to 1,000V. Subsequently, accident prevention regulations stipulate that residential buildings that have not been isolated from the power supply must not be entered for indoor fire fighting making it difficult for fire crews to manage and stop the fire effectively. Eaton’s fireman’s switch, SOL30-Safety (pictured), offers a solution by enabling remote disconnection of the DC power source on the outside of a building, ensuring no electricity is present internally, thus allowing fire crews to enter the building and fight the fire from the inside.