Rotary vane compressor manufacturer Mattei has announced that business customers for its products can now apply for finance through the Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) Scheme operated by the Carbon Trust and its partner Siemens Financial Services.

Installing modern, energy efficient equipment can make a significant difference to running costs as well as to keeping emissions down. However, the initial capital outlay can often put companies off investing in new plant, particularly in the current economic climate when budgets are being squeezed.

Businesses acquiring Mattei Compressor’s products can now benefit from finance provided by the Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme, which has been designed so that anticipated energy savings will match or exceed the monthly payments the company has to make – which, effectively means that the equipment pays for itself right from the start.

Andy Jones, general manager for Mattei, said, “We realise that while many companies would like to invest in newer and more energy efficient plant for their businesses, the initial outlay very often gets in the way of making the acquisition.

“Now that our customers can seek financing through the Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme, they have the opportunity of obtaining the new green equipment they need, so they’ll be able to start making savings on their energy bills and reducing their emissions. An additional benefit to the end user is that any savings we predict will be verified by the Carbon Trust’s independent auditors, meaning they can be confident that what we are saying will be correct.”

Available to all kinds of businesses and organisations, financing can be arranged for amounts as low as £1,000 and there are potentially no upper limits. Terms are available from one to seven years or longer in certain cases. Applications for finance will be subject to an appropriate credit reference check and have to be approved by the Carbon Trust’s assessors to validate that expected energy cost savings will be achieved. Successful applications can receive financing either for a single piece of equipment, or for a complete solution, including installation, service and maintenance.

The scheme covers a wide range of industrial technologies, including compressed air, refrigeration and specialist production equipment. In addition, investments in building technologies such as pipe insulation and air conditioning, as well as heating and lighting products can also be enabled through the scheme.

Air compressor customers wishing to take advantage of the Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme can contact Mattei on 01789 450577. Further information can also be obtained via or by calling Siemens Financial Services on 01753 434 476.