Joined up thinking is helping Bernicia residents stay warm and save money this winter following a major home improvement investment in the area. Warm Zones have worked in partnership with Ashington based Bernicia to bring hundreds of homes up to date in energy efficiency terms.
Warm Zones are a not for profit organisation and aim to improve energy efficiency in the home, reduce fuel bills and provide a warmer, healthier home by supplying loft and cavity wall insulation. Properly insulated homes can lead to major savings on energy bills as well as other benefits such as helping to keep the householder warm and healthy.
The partnership between the two organisations enabled Warm Zones home insulation work to be done before Bernicia undertook the exterior refurbishment of 256 homes in Hartlands, St John’s, Bothal Cottages and Burnside in Bedlington and Ashington.
The work has saved each householder on average around £100 per year from their energy bills with an equivalent total carbon saving of 6,731 lifetime tonnes.
The projects were supported from Npower Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding. Warm Zones, Alan Milburn explained that the work was made easier due to the proactive partnership with Bernicia. “These homes were not the easiest of properties to insulate due to their original construction. We had to employ methods including specialist insulation extraction equipment to ensure that the property benefited from the new insulation. Having so many to do and against tight deadlines for Bernicia’s renovation schedules made the task all the harder. However, our relationship with Bernicia meant that careful planning and consultations made the work go smoothly and to plan. We’ve had good feedback from residents and feel that we have strong links with the community and Bernicia alike. We will employ the same strategy when we look at insulating homes in Guide Post and Choppington in the coming months. Overall, we are all delighted at the success of this project and can look forward to using this as a benchmark for future hard to treat homes in the Northumberland area.”
Steve Williams, Bernicia’s stock investment programme manager agreed. “It’s great to work in true partnership with Warm Zones. We are both focused on helping make the properties more energy efficient, which is paying dividends for our tenants.