Renewable energy technology company, Mosscliff Environmental, is planning to open the doors of a new regional office at the Exeter University Innovation Centre next month.

As well as acting as hub for the company’s commercial activities across the South West, the university base marks the start of some important joint research and development projects with a number of the site’s academic faculties.

Research areas include the development of new wind turbine technology, bringing innovative solutions for on-site power storage to market and working to further exploration into wave and tidal power systems. As well as joining forces with the Exeter University teams, the renewable energy company will be working closely with related organisations such as Regen South-West.

James Dixon, business development manager at Mosscliff Environmental and one of the new team to be based at the company’s new Innovation Centre office explained the successful development which has led to the expansion, “Mosscliff Environmental Ltd have been at the forefront of the micro-generation industry for more than a decade, installing a range of technologies including solar power and wind turbines long before the concept of Feed-In Tariffs had even been discussed in the UK.

“As early starters in the industry we secured a firm technological foundation and won invaluable experience – at that time a wind or solar project had to be viable without generation incentives. It was a challenging period, but one which left us with a huge advantage when generation grants were finally introduced. It has certainly been a contributing factor towards our current success and expansion to become a national provider of renewable energy systems and services.”

One of Mosscliff Environmental’s core principles is to match – whenever possible – on-site energy generation with on-site energy usage, thereby reducing the amount of imported electricity from the grid. This protects the client from energy price increases whilst optimising the return on investment at the same time.

The new Mosscliff Environmental commercial hub will undoubtedly increase the company’s capacity to handle many more projects with a locally based team as well as provide its signature top quality aftercare support service. It is anticipated that its long history and excellent track record in delivering high quality commercial systems, will quickly make it stand out as one of the best offerings in the renewable arena within the South West region.