The Green Grid has announced the launch of a new white paper titled ‘Evaluation of Eco Mode in Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS)’.

The paper offers an extensive look into how Eco Mode can improve data centre efficiency and overall Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) when appropriately deployed, and makes recommendations regarding other power distribution equipment to ensure a reliable power system. The full contents are free and available to the public on The Green Grid’s website.

UPS Eco Mode is one of The Green Grid Data Center Maturity Model’s (DCMM) energy saving recommendations and can increase overall efficiency when implemented correctly. In order to help understand and deploy what is typically the highest efficiency mode, the white paper breaks down key elements such as UPS technology and performance, critical power systems configuration, IT power supply ride through, and utility grid reliability. The white paper explores each of these ideas and their trade-offs, helping data centre operators understand Eco Mode from the ground up.

“Our goal was to deliver an Eco Mode white paper that was detailed, well defined and easily digestible for the IT community, or anyone looking to increase data centre efficiency,” said Unmesh Agarwala, Juniper Networks representative and board member of The Green Grid. “The Green Grid, with the help of the industry, has accomplished this by addressing relevant questions and concerns around Eco Mode, such as how it interacts with new technology and when, or even if, it should be implemented.”

The paper addresses two key points for data centre owners and operators to consider before implementing Eco Mode technology:

• Power distribution – It is extremely important to match switch-over time for an Eco Mode UPS to the power supply ride through or static switch time. Data centre operators should analyse the power distribution within their data centres and consult their UPS manufacturers for information prior to implementing Eco Mode.

• Utility power quality – UPS Eco Mode requires an acceptable level of utility power quality and it must be within the voltage tolerance of all equipment to keep the UPS operating in the most efficient range possible. Additional details are included in the paper about moving from Level 1 UPS Eco Mode to Level 3.

For more information about Eco Mode or to download the full white paper, click here.