Marorka, an energy management company headquartered in Iceland, has appointed Ole Skatka Jensen as its new CEO. Ole will put his experience into action by spearheading Marorka’s strategic global growth. Ole takes over from Bjarki Andrew Brynjarsson, who has been Marorka’s interim CEO. Bjarki will become the group’s COO. Ole has joined Marorka after 20 successful years of leadership at MAN Diesel & Turbo.

At the end of 2013, Marorka secured financing for its next growth phase. The appointment of Ole as CEO and the opening of offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, are significant steps in executing the expansion plan, with additional offices in Asia also planned. These actions will ensure the continued expansion of Marorka and strengthen the company’s position in providing marine energy management solutions for the foreseeable future.

Ole has extensive experience of the international maritime sector and has worked in a diverse range of cultural and business settings, including starting up companies in Malaysia, the Netherlands and Qatar. He has also been involved in organisational restructuring in connection with acquisitions in several countries.

During his 20 years in various MAN Diesel & Turbo overseas entities and functions, Ole amassed multi-cultural experience on many levels after 16 years living and working in South East Asia, Central Europe and the Middle East.

Ole and the management team will steer Marorka’s drive to enhance its global presence, with particular focus on sales, technical services and consultancy services in the worldwide maritime clusters, using Ole’s international experience and leadership to build on Marorka’s recent successes.

Effective energy management is essential for the shipping industry to meet mandatory regulations, reduce fuel bills and improve competitiveness, and Marorka has helped operators improve the energy efficiency of more than 300 ships all around the world.