Environmental technology specialists Brunel Industries has launched a new joint venture called Genesis power technologies to deliver power saving technology that can help UK businesses  make massive savings on their electricity bills, whilst also significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

Brunel’s Power Saving Systems (PSS) are electronic devices that plug straight into an organisation’s 3 phase electrical system to reduce power usage. Typically the PSS has produced results in excess of a 30per cent reduction in electrical consumption, reducing the amount of power taken from the grid and improving the efficiency of the existing systems without affecting their load capacity.

Alan Bailey, joint founder of Brunel Industries and Chairman of Low Carbon South West, one of the UK’s largest trade bodies representing environmental technology and service providers, said: “With rising energy bills and the potential for a nation-wide energy shortage a stark reality, it is essential that businesses look to improve their energy efficiency to cut costs and be prepared for the future. It’s fair to say that this technology represents a significant advancement in electrical energy efficiency.”

“Our PSS solution doesn’t require any modifications to existing systems and slots straight into existing set ups to minimise costs and start saving power from the minute that it is connected”.

“We have a number of installations completed and numerous that are currently being undertaken and they are confirming the reductions in energy consumption that can be achieved. In these austere times, this is a great example of how businesses can easily save costs.”

Brunel Industries was founded in 2012 to commercialise and provide technology solutions, which can provide clean energy, minimise power consumption and lower carbon emissions whilst implementing world class processes.