Local Authorities using the LeafNut street lighting monitoring and control system from Harvard Engineering were able to find out about the most recent updates to the system at the annual LeafNut User Forum.

The event provided insights on how LeafNut is being used by different authorities, energy reports, issues that users may have encountered and how to resolve them, reporting, and the enhancements planned for the coming 12 months.

Harvard launched the annual event in 2010 to provide a pro-active forum for customers. The company has also recently set-up a new website which allows customers to interact and share their views and knowledge.

Dave Franks, chief lighting engineer at Westminster Council and the chair at this year’s LeafNut User Forum, commented, “The extremely positive move by the Harvard team to set-up the user group and the new website, provides customers with a fantastic opportunity to share and discuss experiences. In addition, they are excellent for encouraging open discussion and understanding good and bad practices. Harvard experts are also on hand to answer technical questions and to provide guidance on their varying needs and aspirations for the system.”

As well as the LeafNut User Forum and website, Harvard provides all LeafNut customers with a dedicated account manager through the LeafNut Support Team.

Russell Fletcher, sales and marketing director at Harvard, commented, “We are extremely pleased with the success of this year’s LeafNut User Forum. The feedback we have received from our customers is that they provide a great way to gain their feedback and a good opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas. We are already planning for and looking forward to next year’s event.”