Precise and stable temperature and humidity measurement is essential for the accurate control of environmental conditions in offices, museums & galleries, conference halls, cinemas and public buildings of all types. Comfort levels will be maximised, occupants satisfied and energy costs reduced which results in lower running costs.

Accurate control of the building management system or environmental system is crucial in production, packing and storage areas in the pharmaceutical and food industries to maintain product quality.

Rotronic is a Swiss-based manufacturer of temperature, humidity, CO2 indoor air quality and pressure products. Measurement transmitters are available as wall, duct and space mount types. Interchangeable digital probes have high performance as standard that is in a class of its own, 0.8 %rh and 0.1 °C with low annual drift. Meeting customer’s specified tolerances is easily achieved; the sensors have a long life without requiring attention.

Probes can be exchanged in seconds due to the digital interface, and no adjustment is required. Self-diagnostics, integrated data back-up and transmitter configuration for the HVAC controller with analogue and digital outputs available are standard features. It is even possible to validate the loop to the controller with any two fixed values for temperature and humidity thereby saving a great deal of time on site.

Calibration accessories enable periodic calibration checks to be made to confirm sensor performance, the portable Rotronic HygroGen2 temperature and humidity calibrator can be used to check up to six probes simultaneously.

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