National training company EcoSkies has unveiled its new Green Deal Advisor courses.

The Green Deal will be launch this October and is one of the government’s flagship renewable energy initiatives, with the mission of upgrading the UK’s notoriously draughty housing stock. The scheme will loan customers up to £10,000 for upgrading insulation and other energy efficiency measures, with the amount of the loan tied to the cost of the upgrades.

Before a customer receives funds from the Green Deal scheme, their property will be inspected by a Green Deal Advisor. The Advisor will assess energy performance, draw up a list of recommended improvements, and connect with the Green Deal Provider to secure financing for the upgrades.

This will require a raft of new Green Deal Advisors to be trained. Trainees who are already qualified Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) will be able to top up their qualification at EcoSkies with a five day course, rather than undergoing a full ten day course.