Evance, the manufacturer of the small wind turbine, the R9000, had a record 700 turbines installed across the country last year. Customers have chosen Evance R9000 small wind turbine because of the reported efficiency, reliability and continuous operation in all wind conditions. 

Uncertainty about rising fuel costs is leading not just to customer dissatisfaction with the main energy suppliers, but also to increased fuel poverty. Not surprisingly, those who can will continue to look for alternatives. What’s clear is that small wind is now a realistic alternative for many consumers who feel that energy prices are slipping beyond their control. 
“Unlike large scale turbines and wind farms, which primarily generated energy for feeding into the national grid, small wind turbines provide energy for the owner’s use. So the individual person or business who made the investment can gain significant energy savings, as well as receiving a Feed-in Tariff (FiT) income for each kWh of renewable energy generated,” commented Kevin Parslow, CEO of Evance Wind Turbines. 
“Small wind is a very viable investment. We’re proud that more and more people are turning to Evance, and recognise that our UK manufactured turbine keeps on proving its reliability and performance,” he continued.
The Evance small wind turbines installed last year alone will generate approx. 8,000MWh of electricity annually(1) per year that is enough to power over 1,820 homes(2) . Also they will save over 4,190(3) tonnes of CO2 emissions, equivalent to taking around 1,846(4) cars off the road each year.
“Our unobtrusive energy solution is helping many Scottish residents – including home owners, farmers, schools and communities – escape fuel poverty and gain control over their future energy supply & costs. Most Evance customers have reduced their energy bills by 50% or more, while also successfully locking down their energy costs for the next 20 years – clearly demonstrating the long term value of small wind,” added Kevin Parslow. 
“However, given that the Government is unlikely to maintain the current FiT rate for systems installed after April 2014, we believe that – for potential customers in locations with good average wind speeds – now is the right time to invest in small wind turbine technology, while also still securing today’s FiT rate.”
Evance R9000 small wind turbines in action:
  • Cornish farmer set to save over 60% on energy costs
  • The community on the Isle of Muck gains round-the-clock electricity 
  • Orkney resident switches from oil to affordable wind power to minimise utility costs
  • Evance turbines power milking parlour – reduce farms energy costs by nearly 50%
  • Organic farm in Snowdonia National Park deploys small wind to become virtually energy self-sufficient
  • Orkney residents reduce energy costs by almost 90%
  • R9000 helps power grade II listed property & reduce reliance on oil
  • Evance R9000 turbine helps power football club
  • Farmer to save over 60% on energy costs & fix electricity costs for 20 years 
  • 10 R9000 turbines will produce an average of 500kWh per day for Stornoway waste water treatment works