Following prime minister David Cameron’s speech today, where he backed the government’s record on advancing renewable energy, citing the imminent launch of the Green Investment Bank, Green Deal, Renewable Heat Incentive and London’s role as one of the world’s leading clean investment hub, Brian Smithers, business development director, Rexel UK, has issued a word of caution.

He said, “To make renewable energy financially sustainable as David Cameron commented today, it is important that the industry learns from previous schemes such as the feed in tariffs (FiT). FiT is a great example of a scheme that jolted the market into investing in solar, and it is vital that incentives such as the RHI are manageable, mapped closely to market needs and clearly communicated.

“So far the adoption of the RHI has been slow, however if as Cameron has promised today the government provides more clarity on renewable energy incentives, public confidence in schemes like the RHI will increase and adoption and investment in renewable energy will continue to grow.”