Electronics and maintenance products distributor RS Components claims it has cut its energy consumption across ten UK sites by almost 40 per cent, allowing it to invest the savings in its sustainability strategy.

The business’ 10,000 sq ft to 22,000 sq ft trade counter warehouses were fitted with energy management systems from Vickers Electronics, part of the Vickers Energy Group, in a deal which has cut gas consumption CO2 emissions by 372 tonnes.

Vickers’ solution connects to the heating system and models where heaters can be turned on or off to ensure optimum heating across each warehouse while stock is delivered.

Ken Simpson, Environment and Sustainability Manager at RS Components, said: Our trade counters operate throughout the day and we offer more than 550,000 products, from 2,500 leading suppliers, so there is often a lot of movement in the warehouses and this naturally causes heat to escape while different doors open.

“Vickers’ system saves us tens of thousands of pounds every year on our energy bill which we have re-invested into other energy saving projects as part of our wider sustainability strategy. So far we’ve fitted intelligent lighting systems at trade counters plus replacing HID lighting with more efficient LED units at some trade centres and are in the process of planning a roll out of these changes to more sites.

“By introducing it to our trading centres we can now be safe in the knowledge that we’re not only reducing our consumption at these sites but also operating with sustainability in mind.”

David Hilton, Managing Director at Vickers Energy, said: “The cost of heating large spaces like warehouses is hitting bottom lines and with energy prices set to rise indefinitely, more businesses are considering innovative ways of reducing bills.

“This solution uses self-learning programming to optimise heating systems. This means that as it runs in the background it collates data on the heating consumption of a warehouse and automatically adjusts heaters depending on which doors are open to make the process more efficient.”

RS-Components is headquartered in Corby and also has sites in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Watford, Bow in London, Gatwick, Heathrow, Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham,  Nuneaton, Bristol and Pontypridd as well as a network of international branches.