Newey & Eyre, part of the Rexel Group, has partnered with the Stewart Milne Group to launch the Sigma Home – a demonstration development designed to showcase a range of sustainable and energy efficient products under one roof.

The Sigma Home, situated at the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, shows, via the property construction and installation of energy efficient products, how a significant and measurable impact on the carbon footprint and energy consumption of the potential homeowner can be achieved.

For the Newey & Eyre customer this offers a snapshot of the full scope of product possibilities available and the ensuing energy cost benefits which can be passed on to their customer.

The home comprises two separate dwellings. The unfurnished home provides technical detail of the products and reveals key elements of the building’s construction that contribute to the overall energy efficiency.

The furnished home shows the products working in-situ, to demonstrate how they perform in a ‘real life’ environment, and how the building design meets the lifestyle needs of the home owner.

The Sigma Home is a constantly evolving project and will be updated as when the latest technological advances become available. Suppliers are also encouraged to test their products in-situ in the Sigma House.

What is featured in the Sigma Home?

• Solar PV: a Sanyo PV system supported by SMA Sunny Boy inverters
• LED Lighting: GE and Osram LED lamps
Marshall-Tufflex voltage optimisation
Schneider Electric EV charging
• Both Dimplex SmartRad heating and a Dimplex air source heat pump
Siemens: Syncro Living building controls and EV charging
Rexel Energy Metering
• SCR: Suspended Ceiling Repair solution
Ventaxia: HVAC
Kingfisher : External lighting solutions

Furthermore, 2013 will see a refurbishment of building 14 at the BRE Innovation Park. This will focus on the non-domestic market and will also act as a training centre.