Greenheart Energy, a system integrator for renewable energy projects, has installed ABB’s PVS300 string inverters at fashion house, David Napier. The project used 50kW peak, roof mounted solar panels (the highest powers that qualify for the government’s Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) scheme) and six, 8kW string inverters. Four were mounted on one roof with another two mounted on a nearby roof. The six inverters each have three strings of solar panels, with 15 panels per string.

The high maximum DC voltage of the PVS300 allows more photovoltaic modules to be connected in series, which results in higher string power for the same current. This helps to reduce cabling power losses and also cabling size and cost.

David Eyre, a director of Greenheart Energy, said, “The string inverters are easy and quick to install as there are no separate, external components to wire up. We estimate they can reduce installation time by as much as 15% compared to a similar sized solar power system. Using ABB means that all the peripherals are in one neat package, so we do not have to deal with multiple suppliers.”