Switch to low-carbon to ensure a sustainable future

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has released an energy assessment report, investigating the benefits of investing in low-carbon technologies.  

The whitepaper reveals that by 2020, British households could save a total of £45bn, or £1,600 apiece, simply by embracing the latest environmental measures.

However, with rising gas prices, increasing energy consumption and depleting natural resources, the report explains that continuing to rely on fossil fuels and non-renewable generation would see utility prices increase by over £100 annually for the typical household.

Switching to a completely green power generation would provide significant economic benefits, stimulate forthcoming consumer dividends and future-proof the UK’s energy resources.

With this in mind, the CCC is calling for the government to make an ongoing commitment to support investment in low-carbon technologies, acknowledging the importance of parliamentary backing to ensure an effective switch to green energy generation.

Lord Deben, Chairman of the CCC believes that a failure to commit would lock out the benefits of portfolio investment in renewables, risk soaring future energy prices across the UK, and turn our backs on the negative impacts of climate change.

Renewables expert Jodi Huggett, Business Development Director of 4Eco – immerSUN, says the findings of the CCC report, should be supported.

“At 4Eco, we wholeheartedly support the CCC’s findings and stress the importance of government backing for such an important cause.

“The recent findings identify ongoing cost-savings for consumers if we act now, but also highlight the minimal investment needed for a switch to renewable energy.

“In a time of fuel poverty, where utility prices are rising, natural resources are stressed and consumers are struggling to pay for their energy consumption, finding alternative techniques to reduce costs and conserve natural supplies is essential.

“However, in order to future-proof our society, we must commit to sustainability and low-carbon initiatives. This would result in significant economic benefits, not just for now, but for the future.

“This is why, at 4Eco, we have spent the last five years designing and developing low-carbon solutions to deliver an alternative to non-renewable generation.

“By providing sustainable solutions and eco gadgets, we have helped over 6,000 households across the UK reduce their demand on non-renewable resources and minimise their utility bills.

“We know the importance of effective green technologies and pride ourselves on improving and progressing current processes to increase the efficiency of self-generated green energy.

“In 2012 we developed the immerSUN, offering something unique to the green energy market and maximising the opportunity for homeowners to generate and use their self-generated electricity.

“The immerSUN is a specialist PV controller, that works in tandem with PV solar panels to direct self-generated energy directly to immersion, storage, space or underfloor heaters.

“Once installed, the unit can reduce a typical household energy bill by up to £250 per year, future-proofing properties and reducing demand on mains supply.

“Furthermore, as the energy is self-generated, homeowners are still entitled to the 50% export tariff rates from energy companies.

“Simple to install, easy to maintain and providing excellent results, the immerSUN is the perfect way for homeowners to utilise renewable resources.

“But low-carbon can’t stop there. Sustainability is everyone’s business and we must all play our part to future-proof our society.

“Government support is essential, but so is the backing of corporations, local businesses, homeowners and individuals, who must all work together to push forward for a greener future.

“The CCC report is a great platform, and here at 4Eco, we stand behind their excellent findings.