With three new innovative TRIO presence detectors, B.E.G. offers the ideal solution for application-specific and energy-efficient lighting control in classrooms.

Each of the TRIO detectors has two light meters that can be set up independently for thewindow zone and the interior of a classroom. In addition, the TRIO detectors have an independent third output to control the board lighting.

The PD4-M-3C-TRIO with three switching relays is ideal for retrofitting existing classrooms, where lighting is to be controlled according to motion and daylight.

For newer systems with energy-saving, controllable lighting circuits for room lighting, two other versions are available. The PD4-M-TRIO-DIM has two daylightcontrolled 1 – 10 V outputs and a switching output for the board lighting. The PD4-MTRIO- DALI also has two daylight-controlled DALI outputs and an additional DALI output to switch on the board lighting.

All three TRIO detectors support the connection of two external pushbuttons, which can be used in semi-automatic mode to adjust the board lighting and the overall room lighting to the relevant teaching situation. The detectors are started easily using infrared remote control.

SLAVE devices can be connected as an inexpensive option for extending the detection area. B.E.G. TRIO detectors are available in both flush-mount and ceiling-mount versions.


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