The Energy Management Exhibition (EMEX) was announced by Lord Redesdale at the House of Lords following the collaboration between a wide variety of business organisations, all interested in addressing the issue of increased energy costs and how company’s can reduce their bills. It will take place from the 19th to the 20th November 2014 at ExCel in London and will explore the latest measures to reduce energy usage through technology and training as well as examining the latest regulations and grants.

The Exhibition will also look at Energy Performance Contracts (EnPC’s). These new contracts will guarantee that the energy conservation measures they implement will generate sufficient savings to pay for the project. Companies will also be given guidance in how they can migrate to become a Low Energy Company (LEC) through training. This and other critical information will be delivered through four, free to attend, CPD accredited seminar streams focusing on LEC’s, EnPC’s, Property and Green IT & Technology supported by an extensive exhibition attended by suppliers to the industry.

The annual event is already generating interest within government and across business as companies are being forced to mitigate spiralling energy costs though more energy efficient practices. Support has been given from the Energy Managers Association (EMA) whose members include the large utilities, training and service companies and equipment manufacturers to major consumers. With such industry backing the success of the event seems assured. It is estimated that the already confirmed VIP audience is responsible for the purchase of £3bn+ of energy annually.

Energy managers, facility managers, and the purchasing, training, IT, HR, CSR and finance functions from SME’s, large multi-site organisations and the public sector are encouraged to attend. Outreach to this audience is assured through partnership agreements currently in place with over a dozen associations and companies including the British Institute of Facility Managers, Chartered Institution of Building Services, Building Futures Group, Energy and Utility Skills and The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply.

Lord Redesdale says: “We are delighted to have so quickly secured the support of so many blue-chip organisations. Fuel prices are set to continue to rise steeply over the next five years and the only way to reduce costs is to reduce demand. EMEX will focus on educating all those who work with and are responsible for managing energy. This is the event where you will be able to find and talk to companies that have developed the best solutions to decreasing energy costs.”

Event organiser and managing director, Jason Franks added: “I’ve organised hundreds of events but never seen one launched with such unanimous support and momentum from the heart of the market that drives it. We are uniting policy makers and industry in a way that will further develop profitable markets. There is no doubt from the numerous comments we have received that this is an event that the industry has wanted for some time!”