Tinytag Radio: uses wireless communications for larger sites

Tinytags from Gemini Data Loggers provide cost-effective environmental monitoring which can help improve energy efficiency across a range of applications and industries. Tinytag data loggers accurately monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 and power usage locally or throughout an entire building: data gathering and analysis of results will help identify areas where improvements can be made to reduce energy consumption, maximise cost savings and ensure the wellbeing of those inside.

All Tinytags are configured with user-friendly Tinytag Explorer software, which together can present an integrated overview of building efficiency. Typically, Tinytags are used to:

  • Record environmental conditions to help comply with H&S regulations
  • Help calculate building temperature losses and to monitor energy usage
  • Monitor the effects of different types of building materials, e.g. loft or wall insulation
  • Help validate heating, air-conditioning or climate control systems

The Tinytag Range


Energy Logger: portable, non-invasive power usage monitoring

Tinytags will be showcased at NEMEX at the Sustainability Live Exhibition at the NEC from 22nd to 24th May. Loggers on display will include a full range of battery powered stand-alone loggers, which record data that is downloaded to a PC via a USB cable. Units are available in a choice of cases and with different features to suit particular locations and applications. They range from compact, basic loggers designed to record temperature or humidity within buildings, to robust, waterproof devices that can be used for outdoor environmental monitoring and in harsh or industrial applications. In larger sites where manually collecting data from multiple logging points may be impractical, the Tinytag Radio System is an easy to use solution: data is automatically fed back to a central receiver connected to a PC. Users can then access that data from any computer on the network or the internet, and save or export data for further analysis.

The latest additions to the Tinytag range include a discreet mains powered Carbon Dioxide data logger designed for indoor building monitoring, and a portable, non-intrusive Energy Logger for easy monitoring of single or three phase power supplies in individual devices and complete installations. The Energy Logger can be used for spot checks or longer term monitoring.


Tinytag data loggers have been successfully used in many commercial and residential building energy efficiency projects. The low cost, reliability factor and ease of use has also been favoured by universities, who have used the loggers on many projects worldwide to understand the impact of global warming.

Case Study: Gemini Joins the British Frozen Food Federation in Energy Savings Research Initiative

Tinytag data loggers have been used by the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) to identify potential energy bill savings and reductions in CO2 emissions through improved temperature management and energy efficiency throughout the cold chain. A total of 64 Tinytag Transit data loggers were used at various stages in the frozen food supply chain to research the storage temperatures used by a representative group of companies. The loggers were placed in boxes of frozen food stacked on pallets. From a sample of eight food manufacturers and five logistic service providers, energy savings to the equivalent of 4,800 tonnes of CO2 per annum were identified.


Tinytag Ultra 2: indoor temperature and humidity logger

Eight clear areas for improvement were identified and the data loggers proved invaluable in five of those areas. These included raising cold store air temperature when a cold store was running at an unnecessarily low temperature; reducing the temperature difference between air and refrigerant; making a seasonal adjustment of evaporating temperature; avoiding air temperature fluctuations by establishing steady temperature control at the warmest temperature possible, and avoiding over-cooling in blast freezers. (Full article)

Case Study: Energy Saving Trust Uses Tinytags on Energy Efficiency Project

The Energy Saving Trust has undertaken field trials of advanced heating controls using Tinytag temperature data loggers in a sample of approximately 400 residential homes. The objective was to establish the level of energy savings generated by the new controls, with in-situ measurements being undertaken over an 18 month period. The loggers were posted to the households for self-installation; four loggers being placed in each house, three inside and one outdoor. At a later stage, the loggers were retrieved for data download, again by post; the lightweight, small dimensions and robustness of the logger proving advantageous in this respect. Before and after monitoring results were compared using Tinytag Explorer software and it is anticipated that a 10% saving can be made on household energy bills.  (Full article)

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For further information about Tinytag loggers you can visit Gemini at NEMEX at Sustainability Live, Stand T41, at the NEC from 22nd to 24th May, or contact them direct:

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