More stringent targets set for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme to encourage energy efficiency have been supported by Schwank, a supplier of infrared heaters for industrial and commercial buildings, as well as for heating sports arenas and stadiums.

The new measures specifically relating to radiant heating products were introduced in August 2012.

Products that show the right level of energy efficiency are included on the Energy Technology List (ETL), which covers a wide range of HVAC equipment as well as other related product areas.

Schwank has a range of ETL listed radiant heating equipment and its products exceed the energy efficiency requirements of the new measures.

There are four categories of radiant heaters affected by the new targets and Schwank products fall mainly into two of them. Unitary radiant tube heater units – radiant efficiency is raised from 60% to 62.5%. The calorSchwank D 30U premium model unitary tube heater has a radiant efficiency of 70.2%.

Radiant plaque and cone heater units – radiant efficiency has been raised from 60% to 65%. The radiant efficiencies of the primoSchwank 30 and supraSchwank 30 plaque heater models are 69.5% and 80.9% respectively. The other two categories cover multi-burner and continuous radiant tube heaters.

Steve Sherman, managing director of Schwank said that manufacturers should be encouraged to up their game continually in order to stay on the ETL and it would be beneficial if targets were raised further. “High radiant efficiencies in radiant heating products mean lower carbon emissions and lower energy costs for business. The ECA Scheme is an excellent way to support these environmental and financial goals, but the targets could be more ambitious.”

The ECA Scheme enables companies to claim 100% first year capital allowances when investing in energy saving equipment. There is a similar scheme relating to the efficient use of water and the ECA model is seen by many as an effective incentive for businesses to conserve resources and reduce their carbon footprint.