The Siemens Building Technologies division is expanding its training arm to enable its approved solution partners to receive expert guidance each year on building energy management systems (BEMS) and KNX protocol. In 2012, the Siemens Building Technologies division provided more than 1,000 man days of training.

To accommodate the high levels of interest, the Siemens Building Technologies division now offers training from its Manchester offices in addition to its base in Frimley. This has allowed the company to double its training capacity and extend the reach to partners located further afield, ensuring it is easier for them to access expert training.

All the training is conducted by highly experienced staff from the Siemens Building Technologies division within state of the art training facilities.

Ian Ellis, marketing manager for UK Control Product and Systems within the Siemens Building Technologies division, explained, “We offer these training courses free of charge to our approved solution partners to keep them up to date on the latest developments in the industry and to ensure they continue to develop and hone their own skills. This in turn leads to improved levels of commissioning and installation and therefore more energy efficient buildings.

“Working with our partners in this way also allows us to gain a valuable insight into the day to day challenges they encounter, which we use to enhance future training courses and to inform product development.”

Whether participating in BEMS or KNX training, delegates complete introductory courses after which they can then progress onto more complex programmes. The range of courses caters for all levels, from beginners looking to improve their understanding to experienced professionals refining their skills. Some courses are also completed online, making the training accessible to all.