Energy monitoring specialist, Advanced Carbon Energy Solutions (ACES), has warned that UK businesses are wasting almost half of their energy without even knowing.

Following the most recent figures from British Gas last week that businesses are spending up to £1.00 in every £2.00 of their electricity bills on powering their business when staff have left for the day, ACES has highlighted its experience in witnessing businesses wasting energy without noticing.

The research conducted by British Gas gathered data from over 6,000 smart meter readings which illustrated that a whopping 46% of business electricity use happens outside the traditional business hours of 8.00am-6.00pm.

Energy efficiency and carbon reduction have become one of the most talked about topics at government level with new energy secretary Ed Davey coming into office this month, and now with Iran threatening an oil ban over the EU, the west are at risk of even higher energy prices and a stunt in economic growth.

ACES aims to warn businesses of all sizes the expensive risk they are taking by not managing their energy usage, and that since the economic downturn, this should be a number one priority for business owners.

In 2010 it was reported by Click Green that small businesses were incurring a national cost of £3bn in unseen energy wastage, which is a quarter of the full amount of energy wastage in the UK as a whole.

ACES offer a way for businesses to monitor their energy usage from any location, using their Gateway Monitoring System. The system monitors the entire energy usage of a property or multi-site premises, monitoring individual equipment and departments and creating comprehensive reports via a web portal which show where energy savings could be made.

ACES have previously implemented a Gateway Energy Monitoring System at Twycross Zoo, the system was able to spot a water leak that the company were unaware of due to the excessive amount of water being used through the night. Based on recommendations from ACES, the zoo made the changes necessary and have saved 20% on their annual energy bills.

Jason Davis, managing director of Advance Carbon Energy Solutions, witnesses many cases where businesses are unaware of the amount of energy they are using, he said, “Businesses think they are doing all they can by using efficient equipment and turning off switches, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. By implementing our systems we can see exactly where every bit of energy is going and when.”