RenewableUK has welcomed new statistics released by the European Wind Energy Association, which confirm that in 2012 the UK offshore wind sector enjoyed one its most successful years ever, with nine offshore wind farms fully connected to the national grid.

According to EWEA 854MW of capacity to generate clean electricity were installed last year, bringing the total UK offshore wind capacity to 2.9GW. This is enough to power 1.9 million British homes and keeps the UK way ahead of its neighbours in other countries with 73% of the total offshore wind capacity installed in Europe.

RenewableUK’s director of Offshore Renewables, Nick Medic, said, “This report clearly demonstrates phenomenal progress in the UK’s offshore wind sector over the past year. It also provides further proof that major companies and investors have recognised the scale of opportunity offered by the UK’s tremendous natural offshore wind resource. We’re the go-to destination for the offshore wind sector.”

“The offshore wind industry is continuing to attract investment and creating jobs. We anticipate that more that 47,000 people will be working in the offshore sector by 2021”.