Voltage optimisation system Powerstar has been successfully installed in over 400 Whitbread hotels and restaurants. The only voltage optimisation system in the world with a granted patent, Powerstar is saving energy for many of the FTSE 100 leading companies. 
Whitbread, with brands including Costa Coffee, Premier Inn and Beefeater is committed to saving energy and reducing carbon emissions across it’s property portfolio, as part of the company’s Corporate Responsibility Programme called “Good Together”. 
Working closely in partnership with Whitbread’s energy managers over the past four years, Powerstar’s engineers developed an understanding of the company’s energy consumption profiles and key carbon savings aims and objectives. This subsequently led to Powerstar’s optimisation project led approach being implemented at over 400 Whitbread sites, ensuring that energy surveys and installations caused minimum disruption to Whitbread’s guests and the day-to-day business operations. 
The system has proved to be a no maintenance solution with a payback period that meets Whitbread’s investment expectations. Average kWh savings achieved across all measured sites is over 12% in electricity based on consumption before the voltage optimisation unit installations, saving thousands of pounds in energy costs and contributing to a significant carbon emission reduction for the company.
Commenting on reaching this milestone with Whitbread, Dr. Alex Mardapittas managing director of Powerstar said, “We are an engineering company designing engineering solutions for all our customers. We have installed systems for many internationally renowned hospitality companies across the UK and we are particularly proud to have successfully installed 400 tailored systems for Whitbread.” 
Chris George, head of energy and environment at Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants said, “We’re serious about sustainability at Whitbread because we know it’s the right thing to do for the environment and it’s what our customers and our teams want. Our vision is to lead the hospitality industry to become more sustainable and we want to work with suppliers who share these values, have strong environment policies and can help us reduce our environmental impact.” 
George added, “We are delighted with the energy saving performance of the Powerstar voltage optimisation systems that support our on going achievements in reducing carbon, water and waste under our ‘Good Together’ programme. We found Powerstar to be both professional and proactive in their approach and awareness of the installation requirements during busy business operational hours”  
Established for over 13 years, Powerstar has remained true to its philosophy and continues to carry out all its research and development, as well as sourcing and manufacturing, in the UK.