Airedale is working with Iceland to deliver a standard, optimised control system which could be applied across all stores to maintain store environments and produce significant energy cost savings.

The frozen food company required a standardised control system that could be integrated into all of the retailer’s stores for both new cooling plant and retrofit, to offer optimised control, free-cooling and simplified spares availability. The controller had to be pre-programmable for a standard store and configurable on site, with selectable install parameters.

Intelligent controls

Airedale’s ACIS controls system fitted the bill. The controller is integrated with bespoke software, which has been developed by Airedale specialists, to provide complete control of any site.

The system enables the management of smart cooling and other building services across multiple sites through a single central system. It can be applied to new and existing refrigeration and cooling products. The sophisticated software links the programmable controller to key components within the cooling system, allowing units to be optimised for increased energy efficiency.

This controls system was initially introduced to 50 stores undergoing a major upgrade programme. This initiative proved so successful, with such excellent savings in energy, that it has now been rolled out across all stores.

Efficient control, coupled with free-cooling and part load efficiencies, has enabled Iceland to recoup significant energy savings. In the stores where the system is installed, but no changes to plant were made, the store is able to compare energy draw before and after installation.

Benefits of ACIS to Iceland:

•          Energy efficiency and complete control: Time scheduling, alarm triggers, adjustment of dual set points and remote access enables system optimisation allowing significant energy reduction, particularly during non-trading hours.

•          Optimise free-cooling: If the outside temperature is 1°C or more below the return air temperature, free-cooling can be used, reducing the need for mechanical cooling.

•          Integration of all store systems: For enhanced comfort, this includes ceiling cassettes, over till and over door heaters.

•          Building Management System capability: ACIS can be integrated with a wide range of BMS protocols from various manufacturers.

As the controller is standardised and uses one type of software, the system enables information to be centralised, which allows functionality to be easily monitored and evaluated. This streamlines the management process and simplifies the procedure for service contractors,” said Graham Ireland, Project Manager, Iceland.