The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) has joined forces with B&ES (Building & Engineering Services Association) to launch 10-80-10 The Building Services Summit which will focus on ensuring that building engineering services operate as effectively and efficiently as possible during the entire lifetime of a building.

Taking place at the Barbican, London on 27th November 2014 the conference will address the concept of 10-80-10 whereby 10% of the total lifetime cost of a building is invested at the construction stage; 80% is spent on operating the building and the remaining 10% is accounted for in dismantling and demolition. Taking account of these figures, a total of 90% of a building’s costs are entirely influenced by its design, construction and operation and the event will therefore help building owners and managers understand where efficiencies can be made in both new and existing buildings.

Steve Harrison, president of the BCIA said: “Numerous studies, including the Egan Report and research from BSRIA and BRE have shown that the design, construction and operation of our buildings can benefit from better planning and implementation and that this in turn will result in lower costs and better building performance. Understanding how your building operates and how it is controlled is therefore vital in order to make the necessary changes to achieve cost efficiencies which are not detrimental to the comfort of the occupants. By working with the service and facilities specialists within B&ES we are aiming to put intelligent building services, with energy efficient controls at the top of the energy saving agenda, where they rightly belong.”

The Building Services Summit will examine the areas which can be influenced by contractors, consultants, installers and building controls experts and how their involvement can lead to longer operational lifetime of equipment; greater occupant comfort and improved maintenance programmes amongst other things.

The event will cover the design, procurement, installation, commissioning and control of intelligent building services, with conference papers focusing on key issues that are faced in the sector today. Speakers include Michael Dick, head of buildings for the City of London who will talk about the challenges faced in operating the Barbican as a sustainable building since the 1970’s. James Pitcher, head of energy and environment for Tesco will also be giving an insight into energy management in action and giving some practical insights into managing your energy bills, a task which he undertakes for Tesco’s large UK estate.

Roderick Pettigrew, chief executive of B&ES said: “The commercial pressures inherent in the construction process all too often encourage all parties to take a short-term view which does not always take full account of the operational consequences. Our aim is to make the whole procurement chain aware of whole-life costing – including energy costs – and so provide clients with best value.”

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