Viridor has announced that it has extended its contract with the Borough of Poole for the receipt and processing of residual and recyclable waste through to 2027. Viridor has supported the Borough since 2004. The extended arrangements provide the Borough with continuing recovery and recycling solutions, overall budget savings and longer term continuity of budget security.

As part of this extended contract Viridor will be utilising its Material Recovery Facility at Crayford and working  with partners at Lakeside Energy Recovery Facility and New Earth Solutions’ operational Canford Mechanical and Biological Treatment facility located within Poole to recycle and recover renewable energy from the Borough’s residual waste.

Colin Richardson, Viridor’s regional manager said: “We are delighted that the Borough of Poole has extended our contract which is testimony to the service that we have delivered for the past 10-years”

Richard Brooke, commercial director, New Earth Solutions said: “ We look forward to working closely with Viridor and their client at the Borough of Poole to make our part in this project a success”.

Ian Poultney, environmental development manager, Borough of Poole said: “We have been very satisfied with the service Viridor has provided over the past 10 years and we look forward to building on our very strong partnership with them to ensure the Borough continues to manage its waste effectively and cost efficiently”.