Turmoil in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria, and events in Ukraine threaten to destabilise the world’s energy security. To combat the threat we need answers, fast. Thankfully, one UK energy management expert, Dr Steven Fawkes, has them: deploy existing technology to reduce energy demand through improved energy efficiency – which brings reduced costs, reduced emissions, improved energy security and job creation.
Dr Fawkes said: “Energy security is once again on the international agenda. There is no sign that the conflict in the Middle East is abating and energy supplies continue to be used as a weapon in the Russia-Ukraine war. It’s time for individuals, businesses and governments to take these threats to their own energy supply seriously. Energy efficiency has long been talked about but never really understood or appreciated by policy makers. It’s time for people to finally understand what energy efficiency is all about and how to deploy it.
“Energy efficiency is by far the cheapest and cleanest response to reducing costs, lowering emissions and answering these evolving security concerns. Only by implementing long-term, sustainable solutions can we be sure we’ll have enough energy to power our future growth without relying on Middle Eastern, or Russian, supplies. The great thing for all of us is that most of what we need is already in place – people just don’t know how to utilize it.
“My book explains all – from why energy efficiency is undervalued in almost every country and what are the technologies involved, through to how to fund it, learn from the successes of others, implement the technology and reap the benefits.”
‘Energy Efficiency: The Definitive Guide to the Cheapest, Cleanest, Fastest Source of Energy’, clearly defines energy efficiency, outlining the problem and providing tangible solutions – the book is already clearing up confusion and providing the clear-cut answers many demand.
Energy risk has reappeared on the corporate and social agenda with a bang and the complexity of the issues has increased many-fold since the last great wave of concern following the oil crises of the 1970s.
Dr Steven Fawkes’ Energy Efficiency is a comprehensive, clearly written, no-nonsense guide to the fundamental questions underpinning energy-efficiency and our responses to it: What do we really mean by energy efficiency and why is it so important? What is the potential and what are the technologies? What policies can be used to promote energy efficiency and how can governments and businesses finance it? How can energy suppliers engage with energy efficiency? The result is the most comprehensive review of the barriers and opportunities associated with improving energy efficiency ever published.
Clear and erudite, Steven Fawkes addresses every aspect of energy efficiency, including the huge and vitally important untapped potential offered by effective energy management and the application of existing technology. He also identifies barriers, such as the rebound effect and how they can be mitigated and he provides a comprehensive review of innovative energy efficiency financing options. This book is a “must read” for anyone with an interest in energy supply and demand reduction.
Many have spoken highly of the book, including ING’s Stephen Hibbert. In a recent review, he said: “Steven Fawkes provides an authoritative and comprehensive overview of all the issues and arguments in the current debate about how to overcome the barriers and create the enabling conditions to massively scale-up deployment of energy efficiency measures. With clear explanations and definitions, helpful historical facts and thoughtful opinions, he gives readers from all backgrounds the basic information about the issues, an understanding of the positions of others and the shared language that is essential for success in any multiparty problem-solving process. If enough energy specialists, project developers, business managers, policymakers, NGOs, financiers, analysts and other stakeholders read this book, we will be one big step closer to realising the significant potential of energy efficiency.”
‘Energy Efficiency: The Definitive Guide to the Cheapest, Cleanest, Fastest Source of Energy’, published by Gower, is available now: http://amzn.to/1pHuKU4.