UK Power Reserve (UKPR) has announced the acquisition of a 30MW portfolio of gas-fired power stations from Scottish Power (SP). The acquisition brings the company’s portfolio to 13 plants situated across England and Wales. The three SP power stations are Watson Street, Greengate and Cowley Hill and are located in Merseyside. Each site comprises three embedded packages totaling 10MW of generating capacity.

UKPR will manage the operation and maintenance of these sites from their central Control Room located in Solihull. The additional capacity can be remotely dispatched at short notice and monitored from UKPR’s ‘Virtual Power Station’ (VPS) to provide flexible capacity at all times of day, on every day of the year. This will help alleviate the UK’s security of energy supply concerns and provide essential capacity to support the local and national electricity grid.

Tim Emrich, CEO for UKPR, commented: “This marks the third member of the Big Six from whom we have purchased operating assets, effectively in recognition of our ability to operate, maintain, monitor, and contract embedded generation in the UK. This important transaction is emblematic of the tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit which drives UKPR in every aspect of its business.”