Trina Solar has completed an installation of a new photovoltaic system at the headquarters of the Lotus F1 Team in Enstone, Oxfordshire.

The rooftop system provides clean solar energy for the new Lotus F1 Team simulator. Installation was completed in under two days and ahead of schedule thanks to the Trinamount mounting solution.

“We have been working with Lotus F1 Team for nearly three years now and this latest deployment of our technology is the next step in the team’s drive towards renewably sourced energy,” said Ben Hill, head of Trina Solar Europe.

Module installation, which would otherwise take about five days, was in fact completed in less than two days thanks to the Trinamount system. The Trinamount drop-in mounting solution eliminates the use of long rails and reduces the number of parts needed, thus bringing down installation time and cost. “This deployment represents the synergy of innovation and speed for both companies,” added Hill.

The installation is capable of producing some 33,000kWh of electricity over the course of a year, thus mitigating against the team’s overall carbon footprint at the rural Oxfordshire site. The power output covers about three quarters of the simulator’s energy needs.

The new centre is equipped with cutting edge technology and allows the Lotus F1 Team to reproduce lifelike driving conditions for research and optimisation without putting a real car on a racetrack.

Patrick Louis, Lotus F1 Team CEO, commented, “This installation of a Trina Solar PV system reflects our continued commitment to renewable energy. The PV array provided by Trina Solar provides significant energy generation that fits our surrounding environment. Lotus F1 Team is committed to promoting and supporting initiatives that ensure that our activities contribute to a greener future for society.”