Charge Air Coolers from EJ Bowman are helping to cool diesel engines that will be a key part of the new Durban to Gauteng Pipeline – South Africa’s largest pipeline project.

Commissioned by state owned Transnet, the $2bn project consists of two multi-product pipelines, of 544km and 160km between Durban and Johannesburg. The pipelines will provide additional capacity to meet demand for the transport of fuel from the coast to Gauteng.

The Bowman JK 190 Charge Air Coolers were supplied through Davron Equipment, which is one of the largest suppliers and installers of fire pump and associated equipment within Southern Africa. The units have been fitted to each of the eight Cummins diesel engines used on the installation and provide efficient cooling of turbo charged air, improving engine performance and fuel efficiency, whilst helping to reduce emissions.

Designed for mass flow rates of up to 35kg/min, the JK190 is well suited for larger capacity turbo charged applications and is also suitable for gen-sets, co-generation equipment and engine test and development programmes. The JK190 is part of Bowman’s charge air cooler range which can handle heat loads of up to 40kW. Units are available in a variety of materials to suit the most demanding applications and a further benefit is the fact that the tube stack is easily removed from the outer ‘shell casing’ for routine cleaning and maintenance.