European Energy Pooling (EEP), a Belgium company based in Ternat and active as a shipper in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany with market access (TTF, ZNP, NCG, Gaspool, PEG) to the local markets, has selected Energeya’s XDM Suite for Energy Trading and Risk Management for their gas trading business.

EEP is a relatively new company that provides customer’s energy portfolios with a more competitive natural gas supply by offering flexible solutions along with a range of tailor-made products, pooling effects and direct spot trading market access (TTF, ZTP, NCG, Gaspool, Zeebrugge Hub). EEP’s management team has a wealth of knowledge on the European gas value chain with over 40 years of experience in the gas industry from trading, portfolio management, logistics, operations and dispatching to transportation management.

EEP was in need of a system to deliver a single trading and risk platform to enable them to streamline and automate administrative processes as well as to scale up the business. XDM Suite will be implemented across EEP’s entire operations, providing EEP’s trading staff with the tools needed to more effectively manage the company’s operations.

“Xdm was selected as the system that could support EEP in its growth – says EEP managing director Geert Degroote – while allowing EEP to maintain its flexible and creative approach to the gas markets. Energeya has taken EEP’s comments and requests into account and proposed a tailormade implementation approach.”

Energeya is an Italian vendor of ETRM solutions with an established presence on American and European markets. Energeya’s XDM Suite is the most complete solution for forecasting, trading, optimisation, supply, planning, risk and portfolio management, compliance and settlement on power, natural gas, oil, CO2 and renewables.

“When EEP set out to find a new solution, the goal was to work with a single vendor that was capable of meeting all their trading and risk management needs – says Rebecca Mills-Fallenius, Energeya’s sales VP for North Europe. EEP found in Energeya a partner that was able to demonstrate all the required functionalities with an industry proven solution.”