Energy management can be particularly complex, especially where organisations are split over multiple sites, and deciding on what efficiency measures will deliver the best returns on investment can be a daunting task.  This is where the expertise of someone with a professional energy management qualification can be instrumental in helping transform an operation’s energy use.

For those wishing to expand their skillset to capitalise on the growing demand for energy experts, e-learning can provide a simple and accessible solution, explains Jixing Shen from Schneider Electric Ecobusiness.

For those interested in expanding their portfolio to offer energy management services, there are courses available online – such as Schneider Electric’s Professional Energy Manager (PEM) certification which is delivered through the Energy University learning platform – that can help you gain all the skills and expertise needed.  Designed to fit easily around professional work commitments, online learning offers flexible class schedules, free tuition and a self-paced curriculum that can reduce the programme learning length. 

Online learning offers an accessible and flexible path to further education and resources such as the Energy University’s Professional Energy Manager programme aims to do just this. This course has been specifically developed with the acclaimed Institute of Energy Professionals (IEP), the longest running energy education program in the U.S.  So with PEM energy-focused individuals can earn a highly marketable and respected credential in the growing field of energy management.

With an online energy management study course, you will learn about a range of common energy related topics.  This could include: identifying efficiency opportunities; prioritising opportunities through qualification data; and assembling the resources needed to define, sell, and implement an efficiency solution.  Once the learning phase has been completed, examinations can be taken online to demonstrate competency and earn official certification.

As businesses strive to manage their energy resources better, there is increasing demand for this expertise, and with a flexible commitment to training, energy professionals can put themselves in a position to capitalise.

Schneider Electric