LLumar Window Film, a brand of Eastman Chemical Company, will be exhibiting for the first time at the Energy and Environment Expo, being held 17th – 19th June 2014 at ExCel, London. Made from tough polyester laminates and bonded coatings, the LLumar line of energy saving window films can be used in glazing systems to provide a glass performance that helps reduce solar energy gain by up to 85%, blocks 99% of UV rays and improves insulation. LLumar also offers a retrofit solution to upgrade existing glass and deliver these benefits at a fraction of the cost of exchanging whole windows.

“Solutions consultants and facility managers need to be aware that our window films can help them solve the energy efficiency challenges they face,” said Aaron Reeves, AIEMA MEnvSci, specification services manager, advanced materials – performance films, Eastman Chemical Company. “We see our presence at the Energy and Environment Expo as an important opportunity to demonstrate the significant and measurable positive impact that LLumar Energy Saving Window Film can have on a building’s performance.”

Visitors to LLumar’s interactive stand (number Q1750) will experience a thermal imaging demonstration that highlights the ability of the company’s EnerLogic film to regulate heat and deliver year-round comfort for the occupants of a building. By helping to keep solar heat gain out during the summer months and radiant heat in during winter, LLumar’s EnerLogic film can help deliver significant savings on energy bills.

Visitors will also be able to witness its Helios range of films, which can help provide protection against solar heat gain and high levels of infra-red radiation.  Both these adaptable ranges of films are available in different shades – from nearly clear to highly shaded to help reduce glare.

“We can offer sophisticated and sustainable solutions for complex situations where people do not even know that there is a low-cost and simple option for increasing the energy efficiency of their buildings significantly,” Aaron continued. “LLumar specialists work alongside customers to map the reduction of CO2 emissions, and forecast cost savings and return on investment. Using similar cost calculations to the glazing industry, we can demonstrate how significant savings and rapid payback can be achieved in as little as three years – making LLumar a smart investment.”

LLumar window films have proved their performance in high profile projects all over the world and experts will be on hand to talk show visitors through their experiences on projects across Europe, Africa and Russia. In addition, Aaron Reeves will be delivering a keynote on how energy control window film can help reduce energy consumption in non-domestic buildings without the need for costly glass replacement.