enfinium, a leading UK energy from waste operator, today is the first UK-based energy from waste business to join the CCS+ Initiative and will support the group’s development of robust carbon accounting methodologies to underpin the growing voluntary carbon credit market, as well as serve as a foundation for evolving compliance markets.

As the first UK-based energy from waste operator to join CCS+, enfinium is leading the sector globally. Energy from waste will play a significant role meeting growing demand for carbon removals over the coming decades because it will continue to manage the millions of tonnes of unrecyclable biodegradable waste society produces.

The first initiative of its kind, CCS+ is a global, multi-stakeholder alliance, that includes some of the largest Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and technical carbon removal developers in the world. Set up to scale cutting edge climate technologies in carbon capture, utilisation, removal and storage, CCS+ pools the expertise of its membership to develop robust carbon accounting practices to encourage investment in carbon reduction and removal technologies and accelerate their adoption across voluntary and compliance markets.

Both the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the UK’s Climate Change Committee recognise that CCS technology is vital to reach net zero emissions.1 Annual global demand for long-term carbon removals is estimated to reach between 40 and 200 Mt CO2 by 2030, outstripping the expected supply of 15 to 32 Mt CO2 in the same period.2

In the UK, the energy from waste sector has the potential to capture up to 20Mtpa of CO2 by 2050, of which around 10 Mtpa would be durable, high quality carbon removals supported by permanent offshore geological storage.3

As a member of CCS+, enfinium joins a group of global leaders in the carbon management space, from large industrial players to innovative start-ups. CCS+ is overseen by a range of independent academics and industry associations including the Global CCS Institute, IETA, ICROA, and IFC, as part of the Advisory Group.

Mike Maudsley, CEO of enfinium, said: “Carbon capture is an essential ingredient of net zero. This will require a mature voluntary carbon credits market, underpinned by robust data and accounting practices. The work of CCS+ is central to developing the framework needed to encourage investment.

The energy from waste sector will play a significant role in meeting global demand for durable, high quality carbon removals. Despite our best efforts, there will always be millions of tonnes of unrecyclable waste that needs to be managed. Energy from waste with carbon capture can maximise the value of this waste by generating carbon negative energy and taking carbon emissions out of the atmosphere.”

Christiaan Gevers Deynoot and Matthias Krey, co-leads of the CCS+ Initiative, said: “We are delighted to welcome enfinium as industry partner in the CCS+ initiative. The initiative, which is a collaborative endeavour between major players in the industrial carbon management space, will greatly benefit from their expertise in the waste to energy sector.  We look forward to developing together the carbon accounting ‘infrastructure’ fit for the future carbon management economy.”