Energy and climate change secretary, Greg Barker, has insinuated that the government is planning to delay proposed cuts to Feed-in-Tariffs (FiT) this July by posting on Twitter, “Having listened carefully to industry, we are looking at scope for pushing back the next proposed reduction in solar Feed-in-Tariffs.”

Damian Baker, CEO for RenEnergy, a full service renewable energy provider in Norfolk commented, “We are disappointed to find out that once again the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have failed to offer clarity and stability to an industry that is faltering due to the repeated mishandling of changes to the FiT.

“This has sparked a new barrage of criticism, from the already beleaguered solar industry, which is angry that Barker has insinuated that there are changes without offering concrete information. Obviously we would welcome a delay to the cuts however, if this isn’t the case we would rather consumers purchased today in the certainty that the returns will be better than in July.

“Barker’s latest announcement puts us back to square one, with the solar industry once again at the mercy of DECC’s erratic decision making processes – in this climate it is impossible to plan. We urge Barker to clarify his statement as soon as possible.”